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Skyport Aviation and Cargill Aeronautical Team Up to Host Rusty Pilots Seminar

Inactive Pilots given opportunity to get back into the Cockpit thru AOPA Rusty Pilot Program

New Cumberland, PA, December 9, 2017:  Skyport Aviation at Capital City Airport and Cargill Aeronautical Academy teamed up with AOPA to hosted 30 pilots, for an AOPA Rusty Pilot Seminar at Skyport Aviation at Capital City Airport in New Cumberland, PA. The Rusty Pilot Program developed by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association was developed to help pilots who had to take a breather from flying due to life throwing them a curve ball, a growing business, family obligations and sometime medical issues, to be able to start flying again.

Norm Isler, AOPA’s Northeast Ambassador, and facilitator for the day stated the event was a “great event” and was pleased to see the many folks that were interested in getting back into flying. This event helps the “Rusty Pilots” connect with the local flying school and FBO and encourages them to continue their process of getting back in the cockpit.

John Sibole Jr, FAASTeam Program Manager with the Harrisburg Flight Standards District Office agree with Norm that the seminar was “great” and that Mr. Isler did a wonderful job as a presenter.  One of the Local Pilots who attended, Lee Janick was in total agreement and hopes we can host another seminar in the area soon.  He stated “I believe that we could fill it up again.”

Skyport Aviation’s General Manager, Carl Adkins stated “We are proud to be able to facilitate such and event and working with AOPA and Cargill Aeronautical made the event seamless.”  He also went on to say that more events, like this, will be forthcoming.  Plans are being made to host a FAASTeam Event quarterly beginning in late February or March of 2018.