Flight School

Cargill Aeronautical Academy is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved flight training school located at Capital City Airport. The flight school conducts flight training under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 61 and Part 141. Cargill offers both the two seat Diamond DA-20 and the Diamond DA-40. Both containing Glass Cockpit Technology. The Diamond Aircraft is the the fastest, most efficient, and technologically advanced aircraft in the industry with the highest safety rating in the industry.

Additional Fleet and Simulators

In addition to the Diamond Aircraft, Cargill also offers the Cessna 172.  With two 172s to choose from, both offer moving map color GPS navigation and IFR equipped instrument panels.

In addition to their fleet of aircraft, Cargill also trains their students on the latest flight simulation technology available. Their flight simulator takes on the characteristics of the smallest single-engine airplanes to the most sophisticated twin-engine airplanes with advanced avionics.

Contact Information

Capital City Airport
200 Airport Road
New Cumberland, PA 17070

Phone: (717) 447-0445
E-mail: info@cargillaeronautical.com
Website: www.cargillaeronautical.com